What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual inspection of the property in question.  We follow the International Association of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice for our inspections.

InterNACHI Standards of Practice

After the property is inspected we compile an individual report based on the findings and will email it to you.  We will also provide a basic outline of the systems inside the home in the report.

There are many reasons to get an inspection, but here are some of the basic justifications:

  • A realistic unbiased snapshot of the home itself, to help the purchaser make a decision not tied to emotion
  • The inspection report can be used as a tool to negotiate the deal that suits each party better
  • The inspection can help the buyer become more familiar with a home before choosing to execute the contract, negotiate or back out
  • A pre-listing report can help a property owner prepare the property for listing
  • A pre-listing report can potentially help a property owner sell a property if findings are taken care of

Can a property pass or fail an inspection?

No, it can not.  Home inspection reports are a factual statement based on a visual inspection of conditions at the time of the inspection.  This means that anything that is observed by the inspector will be stated on the report and it is up to the buyer/seller to decide or negotiate solutions or agreements with these findings.

Is a home inspection necessary?

This would be up to the individual situation.  Some people are comfortable enough in their own knowledge of homes and their systems that they do not require a home inspection prior to purchasing a home.  It is possible that if you are not comfortable or experienced in these aspects of home ownership a home inspection could provide you with a level of insight about the home beyond the emotional whirlwind of purchasing a home.  A home inspection can provide you with a snapshot of the realities faced with the condition of a new property.

When it comes to the seller’s side of the equation it can be advantageous to have an inspection done prior to listing of your home.  It will give you the opportunity to prepare for the sale and have anything that is out of order taken care of prior to tight contract deadlines. Pre-Listing inspections are a level of preparation that hedge against surprises during contract negotiations.

Can I use my home inspection as a tool to negotiate?

Absolutely!  For a buyer a home inspection can be used as a tool to negotiate a price, repairs or upgrades as well as a means to back out of a contract if the buyer chooses to do so.


Our President and Certified Professional Inspector, Chris Thieroff, is dedicated to providing thorough inspections and quality reports to our clients.  Our integrity is the #1 priority of Traverse Creek Inspections, Inc.


We would love to inspect your home!