Our Services

Our main area of operations is the Pittsburgh Metro Area and we love to inspect homes in Beaver, Allegheny, Washington, Butler and Lawrence Counties, but can certainly consider other areas in Pennsylvania if you need us to.

Pre-listing Inspection

Some home sellers choose to have their home inspected prior to offering it for sale.  This is a fantastic option for home sellers because it could potentially give them a hand up in a number of different areas.  This also allows the seller to take care of any major problems in their time as opposed to negotiating during tense closing deadlines.

The pre-listing inspection will give the seller the opportunity to:

  • Fix any deal breakers
  • Be ready for showing the home
  • Offer potential buyers the inspection report

As a seller this can potentially offer you an edge when it comes to selling your home.


Prospective Buyer’s Inspection

Most home buyers opt to have a home inspected after their offer has been accepted.  With a home being one of the most expensive things that we purchase it pays to have knowledge about it before you go to closing. These types of inspections offer the buyer a lot of information about the systems in and conditions of their prospective home.  A home has a lot of different things going on inside of it, let an educated professional help.

Home Maintenance Inspections

We offer home maintenance inspections for homeowners who need a helping hand identifying existing and potential issues around their homes.  This is a great service for someone who loves their home and wants to protect their investment.

 Garage and Outbuilding Inspections

Attached garages are generally part of the scope of our normal inspections, but detached garages, pole buildings, barns and sheds generally are not.  These outbuildings can have their own electric, HVAC and plumbing systems, not to mention other systems needing inspected.  We do offer garage and Outbuilding Inspections as an add on service.

Septic Dye Tests

Septic dye tests are not the definitive answer in septic testing and are not an exhaustive search for the condition of a septic system, but they can potentially expose a failing system cost effectively.  We recommend a dye be done on all septic systems.


Moisture Intrusion Inspections

Water and moisture can cause catastrophic damage to a home.  It is very important to take the steps necessary to keep water, in all of its forms, under control at all times.


We would love to inspect your home!